YouTube Shorts now can be watched on TV

YouTube Shorts now can be watched on TV
YouTube Shorts is coming to smart TVs that were manufactured in 2019 or later.
Why limit YouTube Shorts to smartphones? YouTube has announced it will be expanding the availability to bring Shorts to TV through an updated application that allows users to view the most watched vertical videos with an optimized experience. This is a huge challenge as YouTube Shorts are mostly designed to be watched on smartphones screens.
This also shows that TikTok-style video offerings will be the next generation of videos. You can now enjoy Shorts while sitting on your couch and you can access more snack-worthy content.
“Feedback suggested that the pleasure of Shorts is lost in the stale video player, and that the Jukebox style diverged from the core of Shorts which is one video at one time. The customized Shorts experience gives you the most appealing of both with a sleek design, and makes the most use of the large screen’s extra room,” said Brynn Evans and Melanie Fitzgerald, UX directors, YouTube, on the official blog.
A new shorts-watching option is expected to require an advanced smart TV that is from 2019, or after, a more modern gaming console, or streaming gadget, YouTube says.
When watching shorts viewers are able to make use of the remote to begin or stop the video by pressing directly onto the Short or by pressing both the Play or Pause button on the remote’s control. The Short can continue to play until you are able to move on to the next one by using the remote. You can utilize the buttons for up and down from the remote in order to go towards the video that is next, or go back to an earlier Short, YouTube says.
Presently YouTube Shorts are viewed by more than 1.5 billion users who log in every month. Now that we are able to watch on a large screen, this number is expected to grow.
The move also allows YouTube to be competitive with TikTok which also launched its own TV app on several platforms in the past (TikTok isn’t accessible in India). YouTube is a better choicethe app is pre-installed for many smart TVs, while the rollout is globally.

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