Top 8 Expensive Visas

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Top 8 Expensive Visas

Who doesn’t want to travel the world, explore new countries, and eat the world’s different


Everybody, we think. Traveling is the one thing that you will never regret. However, a visa is

the most important thing for traveling, and it does not come cheap.

Several countries in the world put arbitrary prices on the visa of their country, about which

you cannot do anything except paying the money.

This article will share the top 8 countries that have the most expensive visa out of all. So,

let’s take off!

Countries that have Expensive Visa

Note that the list is in no particular order.

1. Brazil

For visa approval, Brazil charges around $180. The reason for the expensive visa of Brazil is

because of the overvalued currency. Brazil’s currency is high in value compared to other

countries, which makes the country more expensive altogether.

2. Russia

In the most expensive visa list, Russia has to be number one because its visa fee is around

$170 to $270, depending on the situation. Russia is one of the most beautiful countries

globally, and it also has the tremendous Red square and Lake Baikal.

3. Algeria

Algeria has some of the most famous tourist destinations like Notre Dame, 11th-century

fortress, and much more. Getting a visa for Algeria is difficult and expensive. However,

compared to the other countries in the list, it charges the lowest amount of $160.

4. Congo

The democratic republic of Congo is one of the most popular tourist destinations because of

wild mountains and national parks. The country charges around $200 for the visa approval.

5. Nigeria

The following country is Nigeria that charges approximately $180 for visa approval. Getting a

visa for this country is also tricky as you require a letter of invitation from a host in the


6. Afghanistan

Who doesn’t want to see the beautiful blue mosque in Afghanistan? Afghanistan is another

most popular tourist destination, but it comes with an expensive visa fee of around $195,

including the processing fee.

7. Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made it of Islands that interest the tourists a lot. If you plan to visit the

country, you have to make sure that you keep aside the hefty amount of $160 for the visa


8. Sierra Leone

The last country with an expensive visa fee is Sierra Leone, with around $160. But if you

spend this much on your trip to the country, you will not regret it.


These were the top 8 most beautiful countries of the world that have the most expensive

visas in the world.

The cost of a visa depends on various factors such as the currency’s value, the relationship

between the two countries, and much more.

Ultimately the visa fee depends on the whim of the particular country; therefore, the cost of

visa approval is primarily known as arbitrary.

If you are willing to spend this much on visa approval for visiting a country, you will have a

breathtaking life experience.