MBBS Colleges in the UK

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MBBS Colleges in the UK

One of the most popular courses chosen by students all over the world is MBBS. Several

Universities are considered to be the best for providing the top quality MBBS programs, and

out of the universities in the UK tops all of them.

The medical universities of the UK have received various Nobel prizes in medicine, due to

which the country has become one of the most popular destinations for the end aspirants.

UK universities offer 5 to 6 years of various medal programs. Every year more than 50000

students take admission in the UK medical universities because of the excellent teaching

faculty that the universities offer.

MBBS is one of the most competitive forces, and therefore you must get a good level of

education in both theory and practical. Education provided by the United Kingdom is

considered to be one of the best worldwide.

Top MBBS Colleges in the UK

All of the medical colleges of the UK are NMC certified, and they offer students the best

learning experience and practical knowledge of the field. Some of the top MBBS colleges in

the UK are:

● University of Cambridge

● University of Oxford

● University College London

● Newcastle University

● University of Manchester

● University of Edinburgh

● University of Glasgow

● Queen Mary University of London

Why You Should Study MBBS in the UK?

● Medical universities of the UK offer excellent guidance and exposure to the students

and the latest and advanced medical technology and methodology.

● Graduating in MBBS from the prestigious medical College of the UK can give a

significant bonus to the students in the further career path.


● Most UK universities have great connections with people who are experts in the

medical field. Therefore, universities also give students the chance to interact with

them in seminars and discussion sessions.

● Students also get a chance to work as interns or under the professionals during or

after their graduation.

● Since the UK is considered to have excellent medical facilities, there are enormous

job opportunities for native and international students.

● Medical universities of the UK also provide scholarships and financial aid to

international students who wish to study in their college but cannot afford them.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in the UK

● The aspirant should be above the age of 18.

● To take admission in the medical colleges of the UK, the candidate has to give

medical tests like the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or BioMedical

admission test (BMAT). These tests may vary in different universities.

● The candidate must have good scores in the subjects related to medicine like

chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to be eligible for taking admission in



An aspirant of MBBS can get excellent career opportunities if they get graduation from the

top colleges of the UK.

In a UK university, you can get an outstanding learning experience that can also change the

overall personality of the students.

With the thousands of aspirants trying to take admission in UK universities, the competition

is hard. Therefore, candidates have to work extremely hard to get the seat.