Insurance , Mortgage and Loans


When we hear insurance, we instinctively think of money, and very correctly so. Nowadays, insurance means a protection system against loss of money. The policies are intended to minimize the financial damage and save one money. For example, medical insurance policy is supposed to protect you from unnecessary expenditures on medical aspects.

Gas/ Electricity.

Gas and electricity are both essential for human sustenance. Electricity is a form of energy used to power almost every piece of equipment, from ceiling fans to computers. Gas is another source of energy used to fuel stoves to run vehicles. Both of these fuels play a big part in making our lives smoother and more comfortable.


Loans are essentially lending of money from a bank or person to another person. Usually, the sum of the money is vast and can be issued on varying grounds, such as education, buying a house, buying a car, personal and many more. These loans are meant to be paid back to the lender, with or without interest.


A mortgage is a form of loan in which a person borrows money to buy a real estate piece or a home. A person can use a mortgage to pay for their land for a period of time, and once their payment is up, they can own their property. A mortgage usually involves interests as well.


An attorney is a law practitioner who represents a person in court and fights legal issues on behalf of the said person. The term attorney is rooted in french language, and it means a person acting as an agent for another. Attorneys can fight both civil and criminal cases.


A lawyer is considered to be the same as an attorney currently, but it holds different meanings. A lawyer is a person who has studied law, but unlike an attorney, a lawyer can not always represent a person in court. A lawyer can give legal advice and consultations.


To donate is to contribute to a good cause without expecting or receiving anything in return. A donation can be made in cash or in kind, such as medicines, food, clothes, toys, etc. Donations are usually made in sheer goodwill or as a relief to one or many in need.

Conference Call.

A conference call is a form of calling via telephone, which allows more than two people to call. A conference call can be made for work purposes between colleagues or casual conversations between friends and family. A conference call makes it easy to convey information to people in one go.


Degree in academic sense is a title of accomplishment given to students as they finish phases of higher education. There are four degrees that a student can pursue, Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate. These degrees take approximately eight to ten years to achieve and can aid in finding jobs.


In financial terms, credit is a mode of obtaining goods and services without paying first, as it is believed that the consumer will pay later. Credit works on trust as well as through legal rules, which ensures the payment is made, and there is no fraudulence.


In medical terms, Treatment is the method in which a person’s illness is cured so that the person returns to health. For example, if a person has the flu, the treatment for them is antibiotics and nutritious meals to get healthy as soon as possible.


Softwares are necessary programs that are used by a computer to operate smoothly. These programs are made of different kinds of data and instructions, and various software help in different aspects of a computer. For example, anti-virus software is designed to protect the computer.


In the academic term, classes are sessions with the tutor in which the tutor engages with the students and educates them. This imparting of knowledge happens through conversation, problem-solving, and researching the topic of the class. This education helps the students to learn more and eventually graduate.


Recovery, if put simply, is getting better from an illness or damage. For instance, one might recover from dengue, which means they are getting better from the illness, and one might also recover from a debt, which means they are getting out of a financial damage in their life. Recover can also mean restoration.


Trading is the system of exchanging one good for another, it is usually a term used in business where one exchanges goods for money. Trading can also happen without finances, where one exchanges a kind of goods for another, this is also known as the barter system.


A rehab is a place specially made to eradicate certain issues in a person and to rehabilitate them into the world. Rehabs are there for drug abusers, alcoholics, people with mental health issues, and even blind people. A rehab serves the purpose of bringing a person back to society.