I Spy With My Little Eye… Nothing!

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We still have another month before Nothing’s July 12 event, the date that’s been confirmed to bring on the official unveiling of the Nothing Phone (1). While that may be the complete unveiling, it appears that Nothing wants to have a bit of fun and tease the Phone (1) a bit, providing our first glimpse of the device via its social channels early this morning.

In a photo, we have two blue parakeets sitting atop a device, presumably the Nothing Phone (1). If you glance quickly, you’ll think it may look like an iPhone, but that wouldn’t make much sense. It’s definitely the Nothing Phone (1).

We’re not sure what Nothing’s obsession with birds is about, but I’m pretty sure it used a zoomed in shot of a parrot to announce its July 12 event, too. The birds are gorgeous so I don’t mind of this, I’m just curious who the bird lover is over at Nothing. Is it you, Carl?

One more month to go, people.

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