What Is Cloud Computing?

We often store data in Hard drives, which is local storage and is physically close to us. This data is easily accessible on a computer or local network. But cloud storage is where you can store data through the internet, which is readily accessible to you. Cloud storage on IOS, Google or Microsoft whenever you switch to another device you can easily transfer the data. It helps you to share or transfer data easily and faster through the internet only. It includes data storage, servers, databases, networking and software.

How cloud computing works

It is an application based software,which stores data remotely. There are two parts in cloud computing, front end and back end. The user accessing and storing data is done in the front end. The process of storing data, server and the database is all in the back end. Every application has a host and the hosting server in the cloud, the hosting company takes care of the data security.

Types of Cloud Computing

Every cloud app comprises three delivery models, Public,Private and Hybrid. Access of data anywhere with just a login is called public. If the data storage is within an infrastructure or an IT server, which is similar to a public model. But the access and restrictions on who to use and where to use gives the users extra security. The last Hybrid model is a combination of Public and Private models. When a user of a private model’s data storage is corrupted, then a public model can be used. So, is the hybrid model which can be both private as well as public.Microsoft,Apple,Google are best examples for Public model.


Why to use Cloud Computing?

Data Security

Securing data is a major issue in the current world.Hacking, Cyber crimes have increased dominantly and it is more important to make sure our data is safe and secure. Whether an individual, small entity or a big enterprise, data security is a must for everyone. Cloud computing offers high security towards data with permissions and restrictions for data accessibility for employees or individuals. Features like granular permissions make it possible.

Prevention of Data Loss

What if we lose data because of a simple mistake. It is hard to imagine losing data incase of enterprises big or small. Even if your device gets damaged, cloud services store your data and can be accessible just with login permissions from any new device. If you just store data through hard drives, and somehow it gets deleted, there is no option to retrieve data. You cannot backup the data or retrieve it through traditional methods. If you lost your mobile ,you can simply retrieve the same data through another new device just by logging into your google account or IOS account.

High Speed

We need everything faster in this generation, we don’t like buffering of videos or hours of time for download. Speed plays a major role when it comes to the Internet, Cloud computing is one such service which provides high speed. Many organizations are moving to cloud computing services for high performance computing. It requires less prototypes.


Cloud computing is more efficient and less power usage for business. The capital investment is less in this service. The cloud software costs much less than the up front license. For example Google Drive gives you a storage of 15 gb free, and to have more cloud storage we need to buy the storage for a less price. Similar for the enterprises or organizations, it is cost effective. Many organizations switched to cloud computing, which lessens the salaries paid to employees, or the services provided in the company. Comparatively acquiring cloud computing costs you less than buying the hardware, software and the charges for employees.


With Large storage capacity, High performance and flexibility Cloud computing is ruling the network and organizations adopting it more than before.


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