Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies

A web based computing which allows individuals, small entities or big organizations to store and secure their data over the Internet. Cloud computing assures a high security, flexibility and cost friendly. Many organizations have switched to cloud computing from the traditional methods of storing data in hard drives and manual setup. To help companies in cloud computing services, some cloud platforms arose in the market. We will now list out the best 5 companies.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web services launched in the year 2006, is now the most popular cloud service.With over millions of users or clients and over 150+ featured services from data centres across the world. Services like AWS data transfer, Virtual private cloud, DynamoDB, EC2, AWS key management service, cloud trail etc. are provided.


AWS offers data encryption, Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), infrastructure security, monitoring and secure login, control of identity, access control. AWS certifications which are divided into Professional, Associate, Foundational and Speciality. It provides over 40 compliance certificates to many countries globally. It also navigates multi cloud deployments.


Microsoft Azure

Most of the computers or laptops are running on Microsoft Windows OS. It is likely a famous and much trusted company in the world. Microsoft Azure cloud service was launched in the year 2010, in order to provide better guidance and service to the clients globally. It might be second in terms, but much more competitive with AWS.


As we know cloud computing has three models,hybrid,private and public. Microsoft Azure is strong in hybrid cloud computing which is basically both private and public combination. It provides Software as a Service (SaaS), and PaaS. The Microsoft Outlook service offers you to store data like documents, sheets and presentations in a hybrid model. It also offers services like AI + machine learning, IoT, Media, DevOps, Databases, Blockchain, Networking,Security etc.


It provides over 90 compliance certifications for US government, region specific and industry specific globally. It provides DDos protection, data security, VPN gateway etc.

Google Cloud

It was launched in 2008. It is more popular as most of the users from Android tend to store data in Google accounts which are trustworthy and secure. It is available globally in over 200 countries. Google cloud offers data analytics, AI and machine learning. As we know Google drive storage provides a 15 gb storage for free and for further storage we need to buy for a less charge.


The documents written in some files can be erased with a power cut or any interruptions. But the data stored in the cloud will be protected, and retrieved even after damage. The Google cloud also provides hybrid and multi cloud. G Suite, IoT, API management, Serverless computing, Chrome enterprise etc are some of the software offered through GPC.

IBM Cloud

IBM developed IBM cloud computing services in order to work through better businesses. IT sectors or big organizations have greater competition with IIBM.he blue company tied up with Red hat in 2019. The IBM cloud provides services like AI, IoT, IaaS, PaaS, with public,private and hybrid models. It’s quantum computing service with hybrid and multi cloud computing creates an opportunity over the ecosystem.


The annual revenue of this service is around $19 billion. It is strong in emerging the Multi cloud landscape approach. It offers solutions from data centres globally.


Oracle launched its cloud infrastructure in 2016. Even with a delay in the race, it paced up quickly and is in top 5 overcoming the other service platforms. It offers IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS , infrastructure, Software, platform, and data as a service.

It also includes the offers like Networking, Database, DNS monitoring, Data management, IoT, Blockchain, etc. With Netsuite, small, medium or big enterprises can be benefited. SaaS and database services will be the strong components of Oracle cloud computing.


There are many other companies in the race like Alibaba cloud, Salesforce, VMware, HP enterprises, SAP,Cisco systems etc. With the increase in demand after a pandemic has gained more attention in cloud computing and many organizations are drifting to adopt cloud services.


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