Use of Cloud Computing


The term “Cloud Computing” is described as the service of dealing with on-demand availability of the resources like database, storage, intelligence, servers. “Cloud” means “Over The Internet”, which means delivery of services through the Internet. It helps computers in storing, managing, processing and communicating information.

It does not require a hard disk for hosting infrastructure, systems or applications. You can do it virtually which connects your computer through secure networks. Therefore, from the point of reliability and security Cloud Computing is beneficial to its users. Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox and Slack are some of the common cloud examples. All you need is an online connection to your electronic device, cloud computing can be done anywhere. It will have access to data and can run software programs through it.

Instead of keeping the files on a hard disk or local storage device, Cloud Computing makes it possible to save them on a database which can be easily shared with different people at once. There are clouds used in computing which offer the right solution to your needs. Though all clouds are different and so their use. Moreover, neither are all cloud computing the same. There are three types of cloud: Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. While there are three types Cloud Computing:

IaaS (Infrastructure As a Service): IaaS deals in providing IT infrastructure services such as storage, servers, networking, security, virtual machines.

PaaS (Platform As A Service): PaaS deals in providing platforms for computing such as databases, web servers, operating systems, program execution. It provides computing services to users for creating web or mobile apps without worrying any need for infrastructure.

SaaS(Software As A Service): SaaS deals in providing software applications over the Internet. Through it, there is no need of installing software, you can access the platform online. All you need is an internet connection to connect with the service.

When it comes to providing cloud computing services, there are many big companies in the business. Here are some of the top Cloud Computing service provider:

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud


Alibaba Cloud






Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft are the top cloud service providers globally. Some of the cloud service providers like AWS and Microsoft have centres across the globe, which makes them more reliable and approachable.

Cloud Computing is used in different ways. Some of the users keep all their data and apps on the cloud while some users prefer using hybrid models. Through Hybrid Model, users can keep some of their apps and data on private servers while some of them on cloud.

The advantage of using Cloud Computing is that you pay for only the services you use. Thereby it comes as a better option to the users to lower their operating expense. It being platform independent adds volume to its advantages. Thus, Cloud Computing turns out as a reliable, scalable, approachable, economical, fast and innovative medium to grow to its users.