Top Insurance company in UK

Top Insurance Company in the UK


The UK is one of the developed countries that offers a variety of financial opportunities in various sectors. The insurance market is one of the most developed sectors of the country.


Many top insurance companies in the UK provide many advantages at affordable and premium prices for life, health , travel cars and many more other insurance policies.


In this article, we will share top insurance companies in the UK that have been rendering various premium opportunities to the clients.


Insurance Companies


1. RSA Insurance Company


The insurance company is one of the leading companies in the UK that provides various personal insurances for life travel car pet home, etc.


The company is known to be the best for offering high-quality business insurance policies that cater to public liabilities, professional indemnity, and office insurance.


The company has its network in more than 25 countries, which makes it all the more reliable.


2. Aviva


Aviva PLC is another top insurance Company in the UK with more than 30000 employees, and it has been serving millions of customers worldwide.


Aviva offers home life cars, health travel insurance policies, and it also provides investment opportunities, pensions, pre-paid funeral plans, and much more.


This insurance company is known to be the largest general insurance provider in the country.


3. Aegon UK


Aegon is one of the oldest Insurance provider companies in Britain that has its headquarters in Scotland.


The company was started in 1831, and it is a pension insurance and investment company that has recently expanded its network into more sectors.


4. Legal & General


Legal and general was established in 1836 to provide insurance facilities to the people of the United Kingdom.


Legal and general is not only an insurance provider company, but it also provides services such as investment management, lifetime pensions, mortgage, and various other financial services.


5. Phoenix Group


The phoenix group is another top insurance company in the UK known as the pearl group. The Phoenix group is the leading insurance provider with 14 million customers.


The services and plans provided by the company are some of the best, and the company is also listed on the London stock exchange that makes it more widespread.


6. Allianz Insurance PLC


Allianz comes in the top 3 general insurance policy providers in the United Kingdom. The company is part of the German Allianz Group, and it offers insurance policies for car home musical instruments, pets, and various commercial insurance lands.


The company also provides insurance for horses and the rider which is not offered by many insurance companies in the country.


Summing up


The UK has several insurance companies with the largest market cap, and all the companies provide the best plans for insurance policies.


In the UK, people must have a car insurance policy and health insurance policy. Therefore, every company you choose must provide you with the insurance plan as per your requirements.


However, all the companies that we have mentioned in the list are considered to be the leading insurance companies in the insurance market of the United Kingdom, so it is reliable for you to go with them