What is Google Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is used to provide on-demand computing services. They provide the biggest cloud computing services worldwide which are upgraded regularly on the basis of the latest requirement of the generation. In this basically, you need to pay for only the cloud services you use, which makes it cost saving.

Cloud Computing has made it convenient for IT professionals, developers and businesses to access anything from applications to storage by a cloud service provider without any need to own infrastructure or data centres. Google Cloud Platform offers services for- Storage, Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Compute, Networking which runs on Google hardware.

The cloud computing products included in Google Cloud Platform are:

Google Compute Engine: It is a IaaS cloud service which delivers virtual machine instances to the users.

Google App Engine: It is a PaaS cloud service which provides access of software kits to the developers to develop software products.

Google Cloud storage: The cloud storage platform used for storing unstructured data sets.

Google aims at increasing higher-level services of big data, machine learning to its cloud platform. Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow, ETL are some examples for it. Google Cloud Platform is holding expertise in AI (Artificial intelligence).

IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service), PaaS (Platform as A Service) and SaaS (Software As a Service) are the types of cloud services. They are often termed as Cloud Computing “stacks” because they are built on top of each other. Google Cloud Platform’s rivals in this field are AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Oracle. Google Cloud Platform provides cloud storage facilities and services which are always evolving. It is cost effective, has strong potential against threat, reliability, productivity, and flexibility in the use has made it one of the prominent options if you are looking for cloud computing services.