How to earn with URL shortener network

Earn With URL Shortener

If you wish to earn money by shortening your URL’s, let me guide you, how you can make money with URL shortener network!URL Shortener network is nothing else

If you wish to earn money by shortening your URL’s, let me guide you, how you can make money with URL shortener network!

URL Shortener network is nothing else but an interface which allows you to shorten your lengthy URL’s, Shortened URL’s are the short form of lengthy URL’s and at the end redirects to its original web address.

How does it work?

Process of shortening URL’s is pretty much more comfortable with the help of URL shortening networks, let us look how!

  1. URL Shortening network works in backend and creates a unique shortened URL with there own domain, for example- 
  2. Then this newly created URL will be redirected to the original webpage, for instance- to, i.e., original website.
  3. You can even customize the shortened URL according to your main webpage address, but others should not use that slug.

How does URL Shortening Help?

  • You can track real-time details of users navigated through your shortened URL.
  • You can re-target users with the help of URL shortening data tracking system.
  • It helps when you want to showcase your brand to your audience and lengthy and messy URL’s decreases the trust; No one would want to see or write one page of URL.
  • It helps to maintain many URL’s at one place.

Now, you must be thinking about how to earn money via URL shortener network?

Earning money via shortening URL’s with all these amazing benefits is a win-win situation for users and network both.

Let us look at how anyone can make some money through a URL shortening network:-

  1. Signup on this amazing URL Shortening Network ( ) which you can do by navigating to register/signup button on the site.
  2. Enter your Name, Email Address, and create a unique username which isn’t used by any other user.
  3. Read all the terms and conditions and tick in the first box and sign up, and you will be successfully signed up to the site.

Now what? Well, I have everything covered. Let us look at other steps where you will be shortening and sharing URL’s and making money!

  • Now, you have successfully signed up on the platform, and the next step is to shorten URL’s, look for a white long horizontal box, written “shorten” next to it.
  • Paste your lengthy link into that box and click on shorten and it will generate the shortened form of that lengthy URL, all the links generated by you will be available under the statistics tab.
  • Now, you have the shortened URL’s, and you have to share those shortened links on your traffic platforms from where you will be generating traffic, for example:- facebook, twitter, own blogs and so on.


How will you earn money?

When the user clicks on your shortened URL, then he will be redirected to URL network shortener’s website, and the user will have to spend 5-10 seconds on the site before they get redirected to the final destination.

Users will be shown advertisements related to their interests, and you can earn money from that advertisements, URL shortening network will pay you for the number of users you will bring on his website via shortened URL.

It will also depend upon the demographics os users you bring on the shortened URL and thus, you can earn more with more premium traffic which is from tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Canada and so on.

How will you receive payments?

You have to reach to the minimum threshold of the URL shortening network, and once you have reached the minimum threshold or more than that, you can request payment from your administration panel and the owner of that network will pay you the claimed income after verification in your desired payment method depending on availability!

Happy URL Shortening!

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