What is Keyword Stuffing and how to avoid it

I’ll Tech you What is Keyword Stuffing and how to avoid it?

Hey Guys! do you know about Keyword Stuffing and how does it affect SEO? if you are reading this article then definitely you don’t have any idea about it. Read What Wikipedia Say about it.

Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the common mistakes which is done by New bloggers. They quit blogging after some time after not getting the result and this is because Keyword Stuffing Kill their SEO.

Every blogger and webmaster wants his blog and website to be seen on Google’s first page. For this, SEO is one of the best and Popular methods by which one can easily rank the blog or website on Search engines.

Keywords are an important part of SEO. Keyword research also needs to be kept in mind if you want to gain ranking. But somehow newbies start using the keyword in wrong methods and repeatedly in the post. Which becomes the downfall of the blog’s ranking.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is a Black hat SEO technique which is used to get first-page ranking. Where the blogger repeats the targeted keyword in the article very much. It means over optimization of the keyword. And of course, the black hat means the wrong method in SEO.

keyword stuffing

This technique works from a little while but then google banned these type of websites.

Let’s take an example, If one is writing on ‘Affiliate Marketing’ then that blogger will continuously add Affiliate Marketing word in the article. I mean if he/she wrote a 40-word paragraph then he/she would add 10-15 word of Affiliate.

In Simple words, If you are being repeatedly used a keyword in an article to rank, then this does not make any difference to the word spamming.

This was the best black hat technique used in the past but these methods do not last long in front of Google’s expert algorithm.

Mistake Done by Blogger in Keyword Stuffing

This is important to know where to use a phrase or keyword. Mostly there are two important places where the blogger does the mistake of Keyword spamming.

  • One is Content.
  • Another is a meta tag

Page URL and Page Title is also the place where the blogger does the mistake of Keyword spamming. Let’s understand in details now.

  • According to White hat SEO, The standard percentage of keywords should be between 1-2% only, Not more than that. But Newbie bloggers make it to 5% to 10% to gain ranking fast. So guys, do not exceed more than 2% in the article. Now Google Wants Quality, not quantity.
  • The meta tag is the one which is showed by the search engines in the search results. But Newbies put 2-3 keywords in the meta tag which is also known as Keyword spamming. Try to write within 140 to 160 words in the description and add only 1 main keyword in it.
  • Don’t over optimize your Post title by adding 2-3 times keywords.

Impact of Keyword Spamming/Stuffing

I Hope you knew about Keyword Spamming now. but as per the SEO perspective, you should also know the impact of Keyword Stuffing on your blog.

Keyword spamming

If you are continuously using this technique to rank higher then please stop it now because Google will either Block your website or Penalized it. The Negative impact that can happen to your blog is,

  • Whatever SEO you have done in the correct form, will get wasted.
  • Either your website will be blocked from the search engines or ranking will be gone.
  • Even your website will not be seen on the last page of Google.
  • Your traffic will be gone because of Keyword Spamming.

How to Save your blog from this Mistake

  • Write your article as naturally as possible, You don’t need to worry about the Keyword. When you start writing such a quality article, your keywords will be automatically added as much as they need in the article.
  • Keep your keyword Density between 1% to 2% only.
  • Do not try to include unnecessary keywords in the titles of the articles.
  • While writing the Meta tag or description, summarize the content as much as you can and not to repeat any phrase.
  • Use Synonyms of the main keyword instant of using the main keyword again and again.


So, this information is pretty much important for all new as well as old bloggers. Because Keyword Stuffing Can Kill Your SEO and your hard work.

Try to check all your articles that already have posted and if you find something wrong, try to make it correct.

I Hope you like this post. Please comment below if you have some issue with your blogging or SEO.

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