What is CDN and What are its benefits?

Do you want to know about What is Content Delivery Network (CDN ) and What are its benefits?

Whenever you asked some experts about to Increase Website speed, they will definitely suggest you use CDN because it becomes one of the easiest methods to speed up your website opening timing.

If you see, some major website speed checking tool like Google page speed, Gtmetrix, Pingdom, etc, also advises all the webmasters to use CDN to Improve site performance.

Those who are already in the blogging field and having a good experience or having some technical knowledge are already familiar with the Content Delivery Network. They already know its benefits but non-technical people don’t know about it.

When I was new in blogging, I heard about this term and didn’t know how CDN work? But later I read about this and get full knowledge about this.

But Don’t worry, In this article, I’ll tell you about CDN and will explain why should you use this.

What is Content delivery network (CDN)?

Content Delivery Network

CDN is mostly used to increase the speed of your blog or website. Speed is one of the important things for a website, Which means if a user wants to see your blog or website in their browser, how long your blog will appear in the user’s browser.

If your website takes pretty much time to load then users will close your website which means a loss in the revenue. And CDN is the solution for most of the bloggers who face this issue.

Let me Explain you in simple words, Usually, bloggers use Shared hosting and our all files are hosted at a Datacenter. For example, My files are hosted at Royalclouds and use North America data center. Now, If someone opens my blog, the request will be sent to my North America data center and then my website will load on the user screen. Simple, Right.

But this causes high ping and delay to load the site based on the location of the user.

How CDN Works?

Content Delivery Network has its data center at the different-different geographical location. When a website uses CDN and if a reader opens your site, the user can access your file like Images, static, etc from the nearest data center of the CDN Network.

This reduces the high ping and delays to load the website. By using CDN, your website load faster the before. This is the most important benefit of using Content Delivery Network.

It’s kind of content replication technique where your website content automatically copied to different-different located different servers in regions (Don’t worry, this will not affect your SEO). Whichever the server is nearest with the users, will send the information.

When you use a content delivery network on your website or blog, then you are saving your readers time which also positively affect your SEO.

This is how CDN Works.

Content Delivery Network

Benefits of the CDN

There are many direct benefits of CDN like improve Page speed, improve SEO and save your money on bandwidth hosting.

Improve Ranking

Google already release an update and make it clear that Page load speed is one of the search engine rankings factors and with the help of Content Delivery Network, you can easily speed up your blog speed.

It also helps to reduce bounce rate because if your web page opens fast then users will stay on your web pages.

Reduce Hosting cost

If you guys any dedicated, VPS hosting or any limited bandwidth hosting then by using CDN, you can easily low down your hosting cost.

All your files will be coming from CDN servers, so it will not use your hosting bandwidth.

Conversion and sales

As I said, Site speed is very important as SEO and user perspective. Users don’t want to wait for anything because the competition is very high and they can get the same thing from anywhere else.

So your website should be quick enough and CDN does it for you. So it also affects your Conversion and sales.

Handle high traffic

Whenever you received high traffic, sometimes it shows “Internal server error” or “Database error” which cause a loss in the traffic and revenue.

But by using Content delivery network service you can easily overcome this issue and minimize the downtime issue. CDN can handle high traffic pressure.


There are many free and Paid CDN service provider like Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, MaxCDN, etc are available in the market, which you can use to improve your website performance.

I’m using CDN for a long time and yes it is really good for me. In My Next Article, You’ll learn how to Setup CDN.

If you have any idea or suggestion then share in the comment.