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In this Article, We will learn Best Successful blogging tips which are top Secrets of many bloggers.

Hi Folkes! Blogging is the fast-growing field in the world. Thousands of people making their blogs every day.

Some of them become successful but some quite blogging after some time. There could be several reasons for that, But the most common reasons are,

  • Excepted too much income instantly.
  • Not getting ranking.
  • Though a waste of time.
  • Didn’t get an audience for your blog.

Blogging is not easy. If you really want to get success in blogging then you have to be patient as well as you have to give time to your blogging.

Blogging is not 5-6 month thing, You have to work hard for it. Experience is very important in blogging.

In this article, I’m going to share the best blogging successfully tips by which you can Start a Successful Blog.

If you are in the blogging field from at least 8-12 month then you already know how blogging difficult is.

Newbies in the blogging might have a different thought like blogging is easy and they can make huge money with it but guys this is not true if you don’t have patience.

You can find big numbers of bloggers out there who do blogging but only a few of them get success in blogging. some get success in not time, not because of luck, because they do smart work as well as hard work. Similarly, some bloggers get success after a long time.

And Some People do not get a good result, then leave blogging.

As far as my experience, Nobody can get success in blogging if one has no patience. Not even in life or other business.

I have met with many bloggers who are doing blogging from above 5 years and more. They have learned so much in their blogging journey. If you want to be a successful blogger, you can follow top bloggers blogging tips to get success in quick time.

Some Successful Blogging Tips

Today I’ll share the successful blogging tips that can boost your blog ranking and help you to get traffic and you can earn more.

1. Article Series

This is one of the most common mistakes done by Newbies bloggers in starting. they choose one topic and start writing and after complete that article, they choose another topic and start writing that article. this is wrong.

They didn’t complete the full Series of the article chosen for the first time.

What a pro blogger do?

A Pro Blogger chooses a topic and writes a full Article Series, For example, One chooses a topic of Affiliate Marketing, then he will write full Series on Affiliate Marketing. Like,

If you write full series then you will get benefits,

  • People will stay on your blog for long.
  • People will surely recommend your blog to others.
  • Search engine trust on your blog will increase, it will help you to increase your ranking.
  • High Engagement on your blog. and much more profit.

2. Internal and External Linking

A Pro blogger knows the importance of internal linking as well as external linking.

Internal and External are part of On-Page Optimization. Internal linking helps your blog to increase search engine ranking and Google trust also increase and think you are proving additional information to users.

Also, It helps to users to stay for long because they are getting a good amount of information by internal linking.

Internal linking is having great value these days in blogging. So from now don’t forget.

Similarly, if we talk about the external link, you should as external links in your post to increase your blog value. It doesn’t mean you add any website which irrelevant to your website or content.

Try to add High authority website like Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other popular website which related to your content.

So, try to manage internal linking as well as external linking in your blog in balance mode. Don’t over optimize. If SEO gives your benefits to your website, it can also give a negative impact if you don’t follow the rules.

Earlier when I was just started blogging, I don’t write Article Series, didn’t add internal and external links. that was the big mistake I have done in my past.

But I learn from our mistakes. I study about blogging deeply and get to know successful blogging tips which I’m sharing now.

3. Regular posts

Regular posts are an important part of blogging. People love those blogs which are updated regularly, even google too.

Even you don’t want to visit a blog which is not updated regularly. Even though I post 1 article on my blog daily excepted Sunday or any other public holiday. Of course, I also wish break for me

If you saw the quality blogs, they regularly update their blog with new posts.

Regularly update doesn’t mean that you have to post daily, It means you have to consistent with your posting. If you are posting 5 articles in a week then you should consistent with it.

Regular posting also helps you to grow your blog and help your visitors to know when you post new articles.

And the main thing is, stick with your blog niche, Don’t post anything.

4. Keep Patience

Earlier there was a time when Earning with the blog was easy and you could also get results very easily with a little SEO.

You could easily get success with your blog. Because there was a very low competition and not very much updates from Google.

But time has changed very quickly, you can find thousands of blog which a single niche. this is the main reason blogging becomes very hard these days.

If you want to be a successful blogger then you have to think differently from others because if you search for anything related to blogging and SEO, you can find thousands of blogs which provide the answer of your question.

Due to this many newbies quite blogging.

They give up because they didn’t get good results. but my friend at this time, you have to be very Patience to become a successful blogger.

What you need to do is that just forget everything and do your work without think of the result. If you do smart and hard work, you’ll get results for sure. But it may take time.

I have seen many peoples who join blogging and made a blog and start publishing articles to earn money. But when they doesn’t get a good result, they start to quit blogging and all the work done by them gone in vain.

So let me tell you two thing, either you are doing something wrong which affecting your ranking or you are doing nothing.

There are other bloggers out there who do more hard work than you. So Do Hard and Smart work to get ranking and earn with your blog. This is one of the best successful blogging tips.

5. Understand Your Visitors Need

If you can not understand your visitors need, you can not get any success in blogging. A pro blogger always writes articles needed by its blog visitors. You can ask your readers in the last of every post about their needs. So that they can give you an idea by commenting on your blog or via email.

I have seen many bloggers either they have disabled the comment section or ignore all the comments. that’s wrong. you should check your reader’s comments and reply to them.

If you write articles on the visitors’ demand, then your blog will get mouth to mouth publicity and get search engines ranking. But the topic should be matching with your niche though.

Even Google says you should work for your readers, not search engines.

If your readers like your blog, search engines will automatically rank up your website.

6. Stick with your niche

Niche is the most important for your blog. choosing of niche while creating a blog is also difficult. You can find so many niches but you have to choose a 1-2 niche for your blog to start with.

successful blogging tips

Many newbies choose the multiple niches and start writing and they failed to focus on a particular niche which leads to the downfall of their blog.

Whatever niche you selected, give proper and real information on that. You should explain Every single thing that you know about that niche.

Choose the niche about which you have a piece of good knowledge, start to write from the basic and make a series till advance post.

Work on a single niche, otherwise, you’ll not able to focus on your blog. everything will mess up.

7. Put Great titles:

The first impression is the last impression. this saying is applied in blogging field. The title is the first thing which showed to the peoples if you do not have an eye-catching title, you might lose your traffic.

85% of people in the world visit after watch post title in the search engines. when they seem title interesting then they decide to read the post. tile plays an important role in the success of your blog.

Let’s take an example, you have surely seen in youtube that the title of the video seems very interesting and without any thought, you make a click on that.

Pro Bloggers also use this technique to catch the attention of the people so that they can get views to their blog.

If you can able to write the good and eye-catching post, then definitely your blog traffic will be increased by 20-40%.

And yes, try to use your main keyword in the title to help your blog to rank quickly.

8. Original content

Content has always been a king. If you are writing an article, be original with it. Try not to copy from anywhere else.

successful blogging tips

I agree that bloggers take some reference from other blog post but it doesn’t mean that they are copying the content from it. You can also take an idea on how to write an article on a particular topic but that should be your words.

But if you are copying the whole article as it is, you can not be a successful blogger. and you can not get ranking on copied content as well.

Google is very strict with copied content. Google Panda is one of the biggest updates for those who copy the content to get successful

You can take help from another blog post about to write an article but do not try to copy the content. explain in your own words.

9. Search Good Writer

First, If you are not good at writing then blogging is not for you. But if you have still passionate about it then you do two things, either write an article and give it to another person who can check it or hire a content writer who will write for you.

There could be one more reason, you might don’t have time for blogging. In this case, you may also hire a content writer too.

But before hiring, you should remember many things before hiring a good writer. For Example,

  • can he/she write on your niche?
  • What’s his/her qualifications?
  • Does he/she know how to write SEO friendly articles?
  • Check out his/her article samples.

10. Add Visual effects:

Well, if you are good at writing then you are a good blogger but if you are not good at to add Visual effects then you are not a Pro Blogger.

To become a professional blogger, you should know how to present your article. And you can do this by using relevant images and video.

There is a study that readers stay for more time if blog post having good images and videos. because of these kinds of things increase engagement.

Final Thought on Successful blogging tips

These are the old and best successful blogging tips that can boost your ranking as well as AdSense income.

If you want to be a good blogger then you should follow these blogging tips.

If you want to ask anything about this post or topic then you can ask me in a comment or give a suggestion. I love to hear from you guys.