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Want to Personal Data Protection Tips to Protect Your Personal data from Hackers? Here we go…

Being online on the internet is an important part of our daily life. Most of us are living a digital life and our personal data is available on the internet can be misused by any hacker for any activity.

Now the important question is How to Protect Your Personal data from Hackers?

Our personal important data can be hacked by anyone from our single mistake. In this article, I have shared some Personal Data Protection Tips which can be used to secure your Personal Data from Hackers.

Personal Data Protection Tips

The last couple of years were very bad for Internet users because of hacking and personal information leakage. Hackers break into their accounts and steal their private jets which cause too much damage in peoples life.

I hope you know about the Facebook data breach which impacted almost 50 million user accounts. Above all, you have to understand that when hackers can breach Facebook security then who the hell we are.

Always Remember, Our one wrong step or neglect can cause data hacking. So, you need to be secure at your end.

You can use him below Best Protection Tips of personal data and save your data from the hack.

1. Spam/Phishing Email

Most of the time, Hackers use Spam/Phishing Emails to steal your data. They send email to many peoples with some greedy title and include malware and virus scripts in it.

Data Protection Tips

When the user opens the email and clicks on the link given, virus install in the PC/Mobile automatically and hacks your all info.

But there some advanced hackers who can hack your whole data from your computer if you just open Spam email.

To Secure your data, you should open only emails which come in Inbox. There are some emails which sometimes received in the Spam folder but sent by officials. If you find some, you can open them and move to inbox and add the email in the address book so that you will receive the rest in the inbox.

Try not to open Unknown email messages and don’t even think to click on the link given in. They could be the Phishing link to steal your info.

2. Check the Domain name

I have seen many cases where hackers used popular domains name and change something in the name and hack their important information.

They manipulate the domain name a little bit. For example, Hackers use Amazan in the place of Amazon, Gooogle or Goole in the place of Google, etc. In other words, they buy a domain related to a famous domain name with little change in the name.

When a user visits their website, the malware script gets entered in the user’s PC or mobile automatically and the hacker gains the access of the system. This work is done very clearly.

To Protect your Personal data from Hackers, whenever you open any website in the browser, just check the Domain spelling especially when you open your bank website and make sure it opens with HTTPS mark.

If you have any doubt that website, just closes it and run an antivirus.

3. Use Strong Password

Data Protection Tips

I have seen many people who use very low secure passwords like 12345, date of birth, someone name, etc. Think how easy to hack these type of people passwords.

Maximum people do this or People who do not know about data theft, but whatever the reason is, you should use the strong password, which hard to creak.

Recently I have shared tips to How to Secure WordPress Site from Hacking.

Hardly it will take 1 minute to make a strong password. You should use a mix of alphabets, numbers and special letters. For Example, FJSBGF#[email protected]@4775.

Let me tell you the real truth, most of the accounts are hacked because of less secure passwords. Like you use very high-quality locks at your house, the same thing should be applied here.

4. Use Different Passwords

From most of us, many people use a strong password but they use it on all the website like their social media logins, Internet banking login, etc. which means if hackers able to access your one account then your all account can be accessed from that password.

You should use a different password for all your accounts. Using the same password for all your online accounts is exactly the same as using a single key for all the rooms in your house.

For the safety of your all online accounts, use the different-different password especially for your online banking accounts.

5. Enable Two-Step Verification

In today’s time, Two-Step Verification is one of the important parts to secure your accounts.

Almost all websites, forums, apps, and social media sites offer 2 step verification service. After login through a password, you will require OTP Password to login to your account.

And the OTP will be received only on your mobile number. Which means nobody can access your account even if he gets your password.

6. Beware before clicking

The virus can be installed not only from phasing emails, even from other websites or blog too. So Beware before clicking any link on any website.

There is so much possibility that the website you have visited is already hacked by someone. And when you click on any link can lead to your computer hack.

Try not to install or download anything from an unknown website or mobile application.

7. Backup is important

Backup is very important for your data. Most of the hackers just want to delete your data or want to use it for any illegal activity.

so you should always take a backup of your data to overcome from this problem. so that you can use your data if your data got hacked and erased.

Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack is one of the examples.

8. Use Secured Wi-Fi

In India, Everyone wants to use free Wi-Fi. Whenever peoples get open Wi-Fi at a public place, they start using it without thinking anything. And this leads to hacking their data. This is a common problem with mobile users.

Data Protection Tips

Open Wi-Fi is already hacked by most of the hackers and with WiFi, your mobile can be easily hacked.

Hackers many a time leave the WiFi open to all to use it as a bait. When someone connects the device to this open WiFi, their device’s MAC address and IP address are registered in the router. Hacker first intercepts the traffic by using the sniffing tool. Data is transferred as packets. These packets are intercepted by hackers to easily detect your browsing history.

So try not to use open WiFi at a public place, it can be a trap for you. Use only secured WiFi cause free wifi could be very harmful.

9. Use Anti Virus

If you use credit/debit card mostly in mobile or PC then i’ll advise you to use antivirus in your system.

Data Protection Tips

After the use of antivirus, most of the problems will go like Spam Links, Spam Mail, Malware Websites. Antivirus will block all the website which hacked or contain malware.

Don’t install free or third class antivirus in your system. You can Spend some bucks to secure your highly sensitive data otherwise you will regret not to use good Antivirus.

10. Use Updated versions of Softwares

Your operation system and other programs should be up to date to make sure your system is secure.

Try to use the latest software and tools to access the Internet. Updates versions are related because of security and advanced features only.

If you receive any browser or software update then update it ASAP.


So in this article, I have shared some important Personal Data Protection Tips to Protect Your Personal data from Hackers. You can use these tips to secure your accounts, Mobile and computer.

I hope you understand this article and I hope you follow them like me.

I’m not saying we all are secure from hackers. Even though Facebook data was also hacked. But you can follow the tips for the protection to make sure to get safe but prepare for the worst.

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