Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

Want to know the Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners and it’s all solution? Here we go…

WordPress is one of the most used CMS based programs and most of the Beginners in blogging field starts his journey with WordPress.

In this article, I have shared Most Common Questions asked by WordPress Beginners, but before that, Important question is, why to use WordPress? Because

  • It’s free and open-source.
  • You can make any type of website and blog.
  • Easy to learn and has a huge community.
  • Easy to Install.
  • It doesn’t take a genius to manage.
  • No need to learn to code.
  • SEO comes first. Etc.

Most Frequently Asked Questions by WordPress Beginners

So now let’s have a closer look at the questions asked by beginners about WordPress…

1. How to Start a WordPress Blog?

First of all, choosing the right blogging platform is very important. Most of the time, Beginners choose instant of and then they come to know that they have taken the wrong platform.

I’ll advise you to start your blog with Self-hosted because it will give you Provides full-control, flexibility, and independence of a Limit.

I have already published an article on this in my some last article, you can read that you understand in a better way to How To Start A Blog.

2. How much does it cost to create a WordPress site?

WordPress Most Frequently Asked Questions

As I told you above, it’s free and open-source but for host your website, you need to buy hosting and domain.

I’ll advise you to start with Shared hosting to And you can buy it from Hostgator which is reliable and best to start your first WordPress blog.

When your blog started getting traffic in good amount then you can change your hosting plan and increase its powers.

3. How do I earn with my WordPress blog or website?

Earning with your blog is an important part of a blogger. There are many ways to earn with blog-like AdSense, Affiliate marketing, sponsored content or post, etc.

If your blog gets popular, then, believe me, you will easily earn a huge amount. You can read the below article to learn more.

4. Why Plugins Menu is not visible in my WordPress Site?

This is because you are using which is founded by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg which is totally free and you do not need to buy any hosting to us it.

But it has some limitation in which plugins installation is one of them.

So, If you want to use full features of WordPress then you need to buy a hosting and install WordPress in it.

5. How to Select Theme for the Website?

WordPress Most Frequently Asked Questions

The theme is the design of the website and it can be changed, managed, and added from the WordPress admin area.

There are so many themes available both Free and Paid on the Internet. You can choose according to your budget. Premium WordPress themes come with lots of support and features.

It doesn’t mean that free themes are of low quality. these are also well optimized for mobile and SEO. You can install a free theme from

  • Go to Admin Panel
  • Appearance > Themes

6. How to add Post and Pages?

When you install WordPress, it comes with two default content which are

Posts are part of a blog that shows recent activity. The page is static content and not a part of the blog.

You can add a Post in Posts >> Add New.

And to Add New Page, Pages >> Add New.

7. How to Add Videos in WordPress website?

You can upload videos on your website but it will make your website slow. So it’s a bad idea.

but it doesn’t mean that you should not show videos in your article. Just be smart. You can use YouTube for this process.

Upload videos on youtube and copy the videos URL. Now paste the URL in your WordPress post, it will automatically embed your video in your post and also not slow down your website.

8. How to Add Navigation Menu?

Create Menu

Many of you have seen Manu on many websites. The navigation menu is shown in the header or footer of the site. It helps users navigate to different sections of your website. It usually appears in the header of a website.

You can easily Edit and show the menu in your WordPress website by

  • Appearance >>  Menu

Here, you can create and Edit your Menu and Publish it on your website.

9. Can I also create Online Store to Sell my product with WordPress?

This is one of the most WordPress Most Frequently Asked Questions. And the answer is YES! There are so many eCommerce websites and online stores created in WordPress.

You don’t need to do anything extra, Just install WordPress and install a plugin called woocommerce which automatically created a store on your blog where you can sell digital and physical products.

10. How to Improve SEO of WordPress blog?

SEO is very important for every website. Many beginners don’t know how to do SEO on the WordPress website.

but believe me, WordPress website gives you the easy way to do On-Page SEO by using WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and others.

11. WordPress website is slow. How to Improve?

If your website is slow, you can not get rank in the search engines, you can not survive online. No one likes to visit the Slow Loading website, especially Google.

Slow websites are not only bad for your user experience, but they also negatively impact your website SEO.

There are so many reasons that your WordPress site is slow,

  • Not updated the PHP version.
  • Images are not optimized.
  • Installed Unwanted plugins.
  • CSS and JS files are not minified.
  • Not using good Cache plugin.
  • And Not using a good web hosting too.


12. How to Save WordPress website from Hackers?

Secure WordPress Site

This is the last but important WordPress Most Frequently Asked Questions. As I said, WordPress is a popular CMS platform, so hackers target most of the time.

But there are so many ways to secure your website from hackers. In my recent article, I have shared some important ways to How to Secure WordPress Site from Hacking.

I have hope many of you guys got your answers. Please share with your friends so that everyone can remove its confusion.


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