What is Mobile SEO and How to do Mobile SEO Optimization

Hey Readers! In the Article, we will learn about Mobile SEO Optimization and I’ll Share all important Points in this Mobile SEO Guide. Let Do this.

Mobile SEO Guide

What Is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is nothing but practice for optimizing your blog for those users who use phones and tablets. It also includes making your site resources accessible to search engine spiders.

So, Mobile SEO is very important in this era. It’s become Very important that your website should be well optimized according to Smartphones.

Why Is Mobile SEO Important?

Mobile and tables are users are increasing rapidly, mostly are smartphone users. In short, mobile searches is EXPLODING every day.

According to Research of searchengineland, 60% of searches done on Google are done from mobile devices. Cool Right.

And this will not stop here, It’ll grow more and more. According to Google, there are 27.8 billion more queries performed on mobile than desktop.

mobile queries

There is no future of your blog is not Mobile Optimization, that’s the fact. And that’s probably why Google is already given the update of mobile-friendly and their entire algorithm to focus on the mobile search now.

So you should focus on Mobile SEO too. And this Mobile SEO Guide will help you for sure. Do not miss any point.

If you are optimizing your website for Google then you should do Mobile SEO otherwise your blog will nowhere in the Search engine ranking. Because 95% of mobile searches are done on Google.

And Google has a crazy level of superiority and he redesigns their algorithm so that it’s optimized for mobile users FIRST.

After some test, Google launches its Mobile-Friendly Update, Also known as ‘Mobilegeddon’.

Mobile-Friendly Update

The above image shows that your website or blog should not be shown like desktop view, it should be mobile friendly so that yours can read the stuff easily.

After this mobile update, those websites were penalized who wasn’t mobile-friendly.

What Is Google’s Mobile-First Index?

As the Name explains everything. It means Google will use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking, to better help mobile users.

Before this update, Google displays the mixer of desktop and mobile results.

For Example, if you search from mobile, Google shows mobile results. and if someone searches from desktop, Google shows Desktop results.

mobile seo guide Now, no matter what type of device you are using for searching, Google only shows from their mobile index. No Space for Non-optimize website for mobile.

mobile seo guide

So, If your website is already mobile friendly, you are good to go with this update. and If not, you may notice a rankings drop as Google rolls this out.

This Mobile SEO Guide which helps you optimize your site for mobile…

3 ways to configure your site for mobile

There are 3 different ways to configure your site for mobile.

1. Separate URLs or also known as “M.” configuration

If you use this method, you have to use 2 URLs. Now, you will have the main desktop version of your site. You also have a mobile version (“M.”) version of your site like,

After setup, When someone visits your blog or website, your blog will redirect to a URL optimized for that device after finding out by which device user coming.

Separate URLs were popular back in the day but not now. If you Open Facebook like m.facebook.com then a mobile version will display on the desktop.

And Two URLs website is very hard to manage. I do not recommencement to do this.

2. Dynamic Serving

Dynamic serving works differently like when users visit on your website, it responds with different HTML and CSS on the same URL depending on the user agent requesting the page.

For example, if you visit Flipkart on a desktop, you’d get served a pre-made desktop version of the site but if shows directly when you open the Flipkart website in the mobile.

Of cause, Dynamic Serving is way better than the “M.” configuration. But it also has an issue.

You also need to constantly work on to create different versions of your content for new devices that come out in the market. If you don’t, your site may not recognize a new device… and show them a version that looks terrible on that device.

I DON’T recommend it.

3. Responsive Design

This is the best and recommended step for Mobile SEO Optimization. You don’t need to do anything With Responsive Design, your blog page’s layout and content respond to each individual user with any devices.

Responsive Design

And Neither you don’t need to use multiple URLs for it nor Multiple coding.

If you are a WordPress URL then you already know that WordPress has theme concepts and all themes come with Responsive Design. What you need to do is just apply any theme (free or paid), nothing else. Google recommends responsive layouts.

You Can use WordPress, which is the best platform these days and you will get readymade themes. You just need to install them. No coding issue. And If you are already using it then learn How to Secure WordPress Site from Hacking.

Method to Mobile Optimize Your Site

Now, Everything is set for mobile visitors, it’s time to get your mobile SEO in order.

1. Proper Use Google Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster is one of the best tools for bloggers which help in many ways.

In Google Webmaster, you’ll find an option of Mobile Usability, which lets you know that your site has any mobile usability issues or not.

Let’s give you an example, Mobile Usability tool also lets you know that you use Flash or that your font is too small for mobile users to read. Isn’t it great? of course.

2. Is your web page mobile-friendly?

If you don’t know that if your web page or blog is mobile-friendly or not then you can take help of Google’s Mobile-Friendly test.

Just open the link and put your web URL.

mobile friendly

…and get a full report in this.

mobile friendly taest

3. Try not to use Popups

I know Most of you hates popups, I also hate this and even Google also hates popups… especially for mobile users.

Google first priority always to show awesome content, not to show advertisement and popup.

And if that content is hidden behind a popup? It’s not all that amazing anymore and makes your ranking download.

Also, Google Rolled out an update which Helping users easily access content on mobile.

If you are still using popup and want to stay away from Google update then How do you know which popups are OK?

Google gives a few examples of not acceptable popups…

Mobile SEO Guide

These type of popup can affect your web ranking. Because these types of popup covering all the content. I don’t recommend this type of things.

… which allowed by google

Mobile SEO Guide

How Should be Your Responsive Site Actually Look?

You have to make sure that your website should be open in any device responsibly.

If you can check your website in different devices then good enough but it takes pretty much time.

I recommend checking out this free tool by which you can check whether your website is responsive or not.

Mobile SEO Guide

You can choose multiple devices to check responsive design.

Use Google webmaster Again

When do Google tools say that your web page is responsive then what is better than that?

For this, try to use google webmaster which has the option to inspect any web URL. Click on the URL inspection

Mobile SEO Guide

… Enter your webpage and hit Enter and you will see the result from Google itself.

mobile seo guide

So, guys, that’s it from my Mobile SEO Guide this time. See you soon with a new post.