Master Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic for Free

Finding ways to Increase Website Traffic?

Increase Website Traffic For Free,Not getting traffic is one of the most common problems among all the bloggers and webmasters. They all want to increase traffic and try many ways but few of them get success. There are only a few bloggers who get lots of traffic to their blog.

Today, In this article, I’m going to share some Master Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic for Free. These tips surely gonna help you to get some traffic for your blog.

Increase Website Traffic for free

Traffic is very important for any website/blog, More traffic mean more revenue. I mean. A shop which has more and more customer will get more sale and profit. Less customer means less profit.

Time by time thing gets changed and it is not good always to use the same way to increase website traffic. Methods and formulas change according to time. That is why we must adopt new ways to increase traffic.

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1. Well ranked in Google search

If you are able to get your blog in the top of the search engines result then you’ll get huge traffic. You just need to follow all the guidelines of Google.

You have to make your online presence in Google well. Your every post and page should be index in the google. For this, you have to submit your website in Google Webmaster tools.

Now, you have to make your website according to Google Guidelines for the best results, for example

When you blog or website gets ready according to Google then nothing to worry about traffic. You will get it.

2. Traffic Analysis is important

According to Google, Analysis of your website traffic is an important part to Increase Website Traffic. You need to get analytics, compatibility, details, and visibility of site traffic to increase it.

If you able to Analysis your traffic You have to Find out that,

  • Find out who are your readers.
  • From where they are coming, I mean Which countries.
  • How much time they stay at your blog to read your articles.
  • And What are the traffic sources?
  • Finally, what type of content is mostly read by your readers? Etc.

After you got all the answer to these above questions, try to implement the best solution to improve your traffic.

You can use Google Analytics to track everything done by users on the website. It’s a free tool.

3. Start  YouTube Channel

This is the era where Google gives importance to videos rather than content blogs. whenever I try to search anything on google, 95% I can see Videos on the first page and on top position. For Example,

Increase Website Traffic

In Future, VIdeo content will be in demand for sure.

So I’ll advise you to create a Youtube channel with the name of your blog and create videos from your blog. And you can embed those videos in your article to get more traffic. You also add your blog URL in the Youtube video description.

Now you have an extra chance to increase traffic on both Youtube videos and your blog.

4. Mobile Optimization

If your website is not Mobile Optimized then you are missing a huge part of traffic. The reason I have already share in my recent post which is What is Mobile SEO.

If you are using world, that’ cool, because the themes used in WordPress is already Mobile Optimized. Google Give more importance to those blogs which are well Optimized for mobile users rather than Non Optimized websites.

In simple words, Your website’s design, page load speed, layout, user experience should be all mobile-friendly.


If you really want to Increase Website Traffic then you must follow all the guidelines of Google. Your website or blog should be well optimized either we talk about On Page SEO or Off Page SEO.

And also keep yourself updated with a Google algorithm update to not to miss any major update from Google. I hope you like this article. If you have any suggestion then Please comment in below.

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