Most Important SEO Factors You Should Know to Rank #1 in 2020

Hi! Here are the most Important SEO Factors You Should Know to Rank #1 in 2019

Google search engine ranking is all around with Search Algorithm and Google updates it time to time. SEO Factors are also changed from time to time for improvement in the search results.

There were different Factors back in 2018 for website optimization to get #1 ranking, there are different in 2019 and will be different in 2020. We have to optimize our blog or website with the running SEO Factors so that blog maintains it’s #1 position.

But there is some common and most important factor which might never get changed.

I’m sure you have read & heard about many SEO optimization tips. But if we talk about the top and most essential SEO optimizing methods then very few people know about it.

Top 5 Most Important SEO Factors

In this article, we will know about the Most Important SEO Factors that You Should Know to Rank #1 in 2019.

  • Content
  • User Engagement
  • Technical Structure
  • Interlinking
  • Mobile Responsivity

1. Content

Content is one of the most important parts of SEO. If you want to Rank #1 in 2019 then Content quality will play the part in this. I have already told you many times that you should write content for the purpose of helping your readers, not for the search engine.

Most Important SEO Factors

From the last many years, Google is trying to understand the content so that it serve batter result in the search results.

We have seen many changes in the all in the google algorithms over the past few years and Content is on top.

Google Says, Content for users is an important thing because they want to serve best of the best information to their users.

You should have proper command on your niche and try to write a post more than 1000+ words. Everything that you wrote, should be told in the detail. Only then will it be beneficial.

How to optimize?

  • Try to figure out the top-ranking pages for your target keywords and then analyze their content.
  • You must explain every single detail of your topic to make your content better than others.
  • Your post should have answers to all the questions related to his subject.
  • Try to add your main keyword in the title tag, URL slug, and page title.
  • Use the respective keywords to create the header section (H2, H3, H4, etc.)

Remember, Content is king and try to make your content batter then other to get ranking in the search engines.

2. User Engagement

User Engagement is also important and for this, we try design websites for both people as well as for search engines. We want the design of our blog liked by all our visitors & users and attract more and more visitors to our site.

Most Important SEO Factors

Because engagement is very important for the SEO perspective. The time spent on your site by users is a ranking factor for Google.

This is so Clear, the more traffic we can get on our blog and the more people we can attract. The more the rankings of our site will increase.

For this, you can use many things on your blog internal links, recent posts, popular posts, related post, etc. and use widget to engage users.

3. Technical Structure

I have seen bloggers who don’t seem very interest in technical structure. But surly We need to think that how our technical structure is affecting user engagement as well as our keyword ranking.

Technical SEO is known for SEO basic though. So that We should make sure our website is crawl & indexable and search engine friendly or not.

With the help of XML sitemap, We can help Search engines to index our site all pages automatically. Additionally, you can submit your website and its Sitemap in Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Tools.

And with the help of Robots.txt file, you can block those pages which you don’t want to index in search engine.

Importantly, if you have an eCommerce website then to secure your payments from Banks, you should enable HTTPS which is also a factor of ranking these days.

4. Interlinking

Interlinking is important from many SEO perspectives. One is helping to increase user engagement and others are,

  • Crawling
  • Content
  • UX and IA
  • Link Building

As I said above, technical SEO is the foundation of any website SEO. Same as the internal links are like doors by which your users can visit on your articles by post to post Just like going from room to room.

To increase user engagement and decrease bounce rate, Internal linking is the best way to do so. But this doesn’t mean you should link any article in any post. You should be very careful while doing this. Remember to add relevant links in the articles.

5. Mobile Responsive

Mobile first-index is now one of Google’s top-ranking Factor. This is now important because more users than the desktop use their smartphones to run the internet.

It is important for mobile users to keep in mind mobile device sizes while designing a website. Your site should be well open in all devices. WordPress is one of the best CMS of which all themes are already well optimized for mobile and desktop.

You can also simplify the mobile surfing experience of mobile users. For this, you can use features such as auto load pagination, auto-load next post.

In addition to making your website mobile-friendly, you can create fast-loading to the site using Google AMP.


Folks, these were the Most Important SEO Factors which help you to increase search ranking. You first need to focus on these. Then follow other SEO tips and tricks to get batter ranking.

I hope you have liked this guide of the SEO and it will also help you to boost your site’s SEO

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