How to Boost Traffic on Blog in Hindi Step by Step Guide

Want to Increase Hindi blog Traffic? Read this article carefully.

Getting traffic on Hindi blogs is very hard because the Hindi language is not available in most of the countries. India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc are some countries which are targeted by Hindi bloggers and most of the traffic comes from India.

However Important question raises, ‘How to Increase Hindi blog Traffic’. If you have an English blog, that’s cool, you’ll get High traffic from many countries.

Can we get high traffic on Hindi blog? Yes, you can but you need to follow some step to get it. In other words, you need to understand how Hindi blogging works.

I have a case study of one of my friends who runs a Hindi blog. When She creates a Hindi blog, she used to get 500-1000 page views per day after 1 month of SEO work. And now 5-7 month later she used to get 10000 to 15000 page views per day after following some advice. Her blog traffic Increased.

Important tips to Increase Hindi blog Traffic

Below are some Important tips which boost your Hindi blog Traffic. And I hope if you follow the given tips, you will definitely get success in your blogging. In addition, you will get better page views them me.

But, without hard work, you can not achieve anything in your life.

1. Blogging Platform

Choosing a blogging platform is very important. When I was a newbie in blogging, I was so confused about Choosing of the blogging platform.

Increase Hindi blog Traffic

Basically, there are many blogging platforms but WordPress and Blogger are the two popular platforms which are used by bloggers. In fact, 30% of the websites are powered by WordPress.

I have asked many people and they suggest me to start with Blogger which is owned by Google itself.

Then I decided to go with Blogger and then I made a blog with it. because it is free of cost.

I didn’t remember the proper name of that blog right now because this has happened in 2015.

But, Within a month I understand all thing about the blogger. About his pros, its cons, everything. All the thing I have discussed in my WordPress Vs Blogger article. But for now, something that you should know, for now, is that you’ll not get full permission to control your blog.

Then I decided to move to WordPress and I bought Optimized WordPress Hosting and start making my blog.

You won’t believe. I loved it because WordPress was working far better than blogger for me, it really works because of many reasons. And some are like, It gives you plugin, theme, custom editing features, etc. and much more.

In conclusion, It is better than blogger. So my suggestion is to use WordPress rather than the blogger. It gives your professional feeling.

But Yeah if you are totally new in blogging then you should go with blogger and get some experience with it and then move it to WordPress.

2. Select the Best Hindi Typing Tool:

Content is very important in blogging. No matters if your content is in English or Hindi, that must be well written. In other words, your content should not with incomplete lines, words should be proper, not spelling mistakes.

But What for Hindi bloggers? The main problem occurs that how to write in Hindi with no mistake.

There are many Hindi typing tools available on the internet which can help you to write in Hindi properly. Writehindi is one of my favorites by which I can type in Hindi. But for this, you need an internet connection. With it, you can not able to open this website.

Or you can use Hindi Typing Offline Tools by which you can type in Hindi with an internet connection. The best way to write in Hindi anywhere.

You can download offline tools from the google which will help you to write in a better way without make any mistake.

3. Select Best Blog Name, URL & Niche

Blog Name, URL and niche are the most important things for a successful blog, Mostly Niche. Whenever you register your blog domain, try to choose Short, Simple, Eye Catching.

And the best part, People will get to know with the name of the blog that what type of information has been shared on the blog so try to choose the name which indicates your business, it also helps you in SEO.

Niche is important for a blog. A Niche is also decided how much money you will earn from Google AdSense. You can use the Highest Paying AdSense Niche To Maximize CPC & CTR.

4. Focus on Particular Niche

If you are from those bloggers who shared any kind of information on his blog, please stop it. You are going in the wrong way.

Increase Hindi blog Traffic

You will not get any success neither in blogging nor in life if you work like this. My personal advice is to focus on a single topic.

If you’ll share random articles or any random news on your blog, you’ll not be going to get regular readers, which means the downfall of your blog.

For Example, here at, I continually focus on blogging related articles and my readers know about it. if I post unrelated to it then two things will happen,

  • Negative affective on my ranking.
  • Users will find other blog and left mine.

This is one of the best tips to Increase Hindi blog Traffic.

5. Be Confident and Positive

Some of the newbies start there blogging journey and end up quickly due to no result in the ranking and income.

Increase Hindi blog Traffic

Guys if you are in the blogging field because of the only income then don’t do it. Blogging need patience if you really want to earn with it.

People lose hope while doing blogging. They don’t see any future in it. But this is wrong. There are many bloggers over the internet who are very successful these days due to their hard work. They are earning in millions.

For Example, Neil Patel who is the most successful blogger in the world. Very Inspiring person.

If you decide that you want to do blogging then don’t quit because of the result, Your hard work will pay off for sure.

6. Use off High Ranking English Words:

Though you are making a Hindi blog that doesn’t mean you can not use any English word. To Increase Hindi blog Traffic, you should use High Ranking English Words in your article content. And high ranking keywords can be used in English only.

So try to include Main keywords in the English too. this will also increase your post value and your article can be searched from English keyword as well as Hindi too,

7. Make Simple Design of the blog

Your blog should be attractive but with a simple design. I have discussed this thing with many other bloggers and they advise me with the same answer which is Simple Design of the blog.

Visitor, as well as Search engines, don’t like too much colorful blog or website because of some reason, Which are,

  • Deep Colours affect the visitor’s eyes by and they visit less in numbers again.
  • Try to use light color in your whole blog and also use only 2-3 color in the whole blog.
  • White, black, Red, blue and sometimes green is the common colors which are used by most of the bloggers.
  • Don’t over design your blog in a manner that visitor gets confused about your blog.

8. Don’t Create Many Blog

If you want to succeed with your blog and want to make money then only focus on the single blog at a time. I have seen many bloggers that create a 2-3 blog in the hope that some will get rank.  but what happens in the end, they failed.

They failed because of many reasons like

  • Not getting enough time to manage multiple blogs.
  • Our talented got wasted due to lack of concentrator on all blogs.
  • Not able to post regularly.’
  • We have to share different information on each blog.


I don’t mean that you can not make multiple blogs, I just want to say that you should focus on 1 blog first If succeed then move to another one.

I hope you guys like this article and I wish all these tips help you to Increase Hindi blog Traffic. If you want to share some other thing then please make full use of comment section. I love to hear from you.

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