Top 7 Sleep Tips And Tricks

Sleep Tips And Tricks: We are sharing some useful tips for better sleep you can apply then get a good night sleep.

1: Consider Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin supplements come in handy when your body needs a hard reset.  While you still need to talk to a physician or doctor about the dosage and use, it would be best if you took these supplements an hour before bedtime. The supplements should, however, only be used if you have been struggling to fall or stay asleep.

Top 7 Sleep Tips And Tricks

Top 7 Sleep Tips And Tricks

2: Consider Melatonin Supplements

Herbal teas provide a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.  These teas do not contain any caffeine nor sugar but pack potent phytonutrients and other compounds that promote sleep. Chamomile and peppermint tea are some of the best teas you should try out.

3: Get Reading

Reading your favorite journal, magazine, or novel while sipping herbal mint is the perfect way to relax just before bed.


Top 7 Sleep Tips And Tricks


4: Start a Journal

The world today calls for one to handle a multitude of tasks and responsibilities at once. It is, therefore, quite easy for one to forget some of the crucial responsibilities, which is why keeping a journal would help. All you’d need is a notebook and pen to jot down everything that needs to be done the next day. This way, you won’t have to go to bed worried or stressed about the next day’s events.

5: Get Some Physical Exercise

Physical exercise, and especially in the morning, is good for your health and sleep quality. You could either jog, run, or do some push-ups and sit-ups before hitting the shower in the morning to get the blood moving. Regular body exercise also helps keep blood sugar and weight in check, hence no struggles when you want to sleep.

Top 7 Sleep Tips And Tricks

Top 7 Sleep Tips And Tricks

6: Get Rid Of All Electronics From The Bed

Smartphones, tablets, and video games are some of the key distractors in the bedroom. Keeping these away from your bed, and turning them off would be a wise idea at this step. If possible, switch your phone to silent mode when you go to bed to avoid disruptions while you sleep.

7: Have Lots Of Sex

The bedroom should only be used for sleep and sex alone. Take a look at these best mattress reviews. Make it a habit of taking all intimate activities in the bedroom.  Sex is also a stress reliever, hence recommended for all. The body produces serotonin and oxytocin when we have sex (orgasm), chemicals that trigger a sense of relaxation and sleep. This will also go a long way in cementing your relationship and sex life. Sleep Tips And Tricks

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