Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass? Top 10 Shredding Mistakes


Shredding Mistakes: Do you hit the gym daily and seeing no results? Well, this a life story of many fitness enthusiasts. They always complain that they work out for hours, but they are not able to notice any visible results. One must understand that the human body is constrained in terms of energy, tools of the time, and diet. So, you have to be very careful while you challenge those limits. Besides, there could be several possible reasons why your body is not responding to your hard work And Shredding Mistakes to improve.

Mentioned-below is the list of top ten shredding mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1.    Not Devoting Enough Time

People who have an active lifestyle will be able to lose 1-2 kg every week with a negligible impact on their lean mass, but people with a sedentary lifestyle will have to struggle more to lose 0.8 kg. Also, remember that the fat loss will certainly slow down as the diet progresses. Not to forget other factors also such as build in time for plateaus, slip-ups, and planned diet breaks too. Hence, you have to be very realistic about your goals— what you can achieve in a given timeframe. For your best, it is suggested that you shouldn’t get into 12 weeks lean stage unless you are pretty lean and carrying a decent amount of muscles. Stay as honest as you can with yourself.

2.    Cheating Time

Have you been maintaining your diet in the past, you must be having a good idea of how quickly you get lean and how long it does takes to achieve even short term goals. If in the case now you are 10kgs over your previous ‘dieting period’ weight, then anticipate that you are going to need more time than the usual. So, whether you start earlier or a late date—it is recommended to opt for pre-diet-diet. Whatever you do, remember, you can’t cheat time! And, even if you try with fad diets or starving yourself to death, it can backfire anytime.

3.    Not Heeding to the Advice that Moderation is the Key

People who are seeking instant results can fall into the trap of cutting off their calorie intake to minimal. While these dieters may be able to lose a significant amount of weight loss in the first few weeks, it is not at all healthy and won’t leave any stamina, energy or endurance for any work. Besides, what would be your next move when the weight loss slows down or if you realize that this harsh deficit is too hard to cope with! Therefore, experts suggest not being so hard on yourself and keeping the deficit as small as you can for the initial phase.

Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass

Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass

4.     Pushing  Hard for the Cardio

When it comes to instant results, there is no practical solution. People who desire good results instantly often go at cardio all guns blazing. Cardio is excellent workouts to build endurance and betters the heart health, but after-effects in weight loss with cardio are not sustainable. On the other hand, weight training done after good cardio results in the toned body after some time. Employing cardio as an assisting tool in your resistance training, along with the recommended calorie deficit, will cultivate suitable results.

5.    Cutting Down Macronutrient Radically

Sudden alteration in your diet can make your body react in different ways taking it as a withdrawal. Well, this is a case where you are eating normal homemade food and not pizzas or doughnuts. Therefore, if you eat a low-carb diet usually, don’t cut down your carbs intake suddenly. In case you consume carbs before your bedtime, then try to cut down on it and try to replace it fibers, protein, or healthy fats. Once you have all this sorted, you are on the right track to lose weight in for more extended periods.

Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass

Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass

6.    Following Unsustainable Diet Plans

Don’t like the food that other bodybuilders eat? Well, that’s OK! You don’t really have to eat broccoli, oats, and avocados all the time! Obviously, there are foods with more nutrition that are not only healthy but taste good too. Building the desired body shouldn’t leave with the non-tasty food options. So, as your intake decreases, you can prioritize the satiety. Remember, there is no such rule that says that you must have sweet potato, broccoli, raw eggs, or plain chicken to achieve the body type you desire (unless you want to). Look for a diet plan that fits your caloric requirement and that doesn’t make you puke.

7.    Cheat Meals Turning into Cheat Days

If you wish to incorporate the cheat meals into your cutting diet, remember you shouldn’t go on an eating spree. Letting cheat meals turn into cheat days can wipe out all your hard work, you have been doing the whole week. So, don’t let the cheat meal cross the limit. Enjoy the food, but mind the perimeter.

8.    Not Paying Attention to your Lower Body

When you lose weight, you will need lesser calories to charge your body movements and levels of different activities. It could be a blunder if you ignore this mistake. For instance, you had started altering your diet when you were 95kgs. So, if you lose 10kgs and you are now 85kgs, then your body will require fewer calories. You probably will need to adjust your calorie baseline as your body weight drops.

9.    Training Not Matching the Goals

While proper diet and nutrition will always be the foundation of the restructuring of your body, you need to make changes in your preparation for the optimum results. The best way to do this is to find an exercise that you hate or suck at, try to challenge yourself. Experts say inefficient exercise is a potent tool to lose fat.

Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass

Why Am I Not Losing Muscle Mass

10.  Shredding for the Wrong Reason

While you are on shredding track, have you asked yourself why you want to do this? If you have a reasonable answer—great! But, if you want to shred it just for a show, shoot, or wedding, then maybe you should rethink your decision. It is a long, time-consuming process and something that requires sheer dedication and motivation. Also, you require huge resilience and mental fortitude. If the reason is wrong, then you might suffer this painful yet beautiful journey.

So We Shared All Shredding Mistakes You Are Making And Now You Understand What You Are Doing Wrong Now Improve Your Mistake.

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