5 Reasons why Swimming can be Your Best Weight Loss Solution


Best Weight Loss Solution: Gaining weight is easy for most people. However, losing weight can be quite the uphill climb and has become a major problem today. Weight loss is associated with healthier living and a sure way of steering clear from lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, just to mention but a few.  Several studies on weight loss point out to different exercises as remedies for weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight. While most exercises contribute to weight loss, endurance exercises such as swimming offer the best weight loss solutions to people who are seeking a long term solution to their weight issues. This is why:

1: Full Body Workout 

One of the most significant benefits of swimming is that it works out your entire body right from your head to your toe. Swimming engages almost all the major muscles in the body hence requiring you to use your arms, legs, torso, and stomach. Each swimming stroke focuses on a different muscle group as the water acts as a gentle resistance. As your muscles get a great workout so does your cardiovascular system. This intense workout facilitates the burning of calories in your body thereby facilitating weight loss. When swimming becomes a routine, weight loss is guaranteed. If you are looking for Best Weight Loss Solution then you are at right place.

Best Weight Loss Solution

Best Weight Loss Solution

2: Suitable for all Fitness Levels

Some exercises are quite challenging for beginners or people whose fitness levels are not at its best. Swimming offers the best exercise alternative for all fitness levels. It allows people to go at their own pace and set achievable goals for themselves.  Most swimming pools are also equipped with designated areas for beginners and experienced swimmers.

If you want a weight loss solution that takes a lot of pressure off your mind and body, then swimming is the best choice for you! It will allow you to take a ‘one step at a time’ strategy to your weight loss journey and help you steer away from unrealistic expectations that may push your body too hard and heighten your stress levels. The weight loss journey is never an easy one and you need an exercise routine that meets the demands of your body while at the same time, being careful to push your body healthily and reasonably, to burn down the excess calories. This articles helps you in finding Best Weight Loss Solution.

The mantra ‘start with what you’ve got’ couldn’t be more relevant. Swimming gives you the choice to ‘start small’ and make adjustments as your body becomes more capable of going greater lengths. It takes into consideration your physical and mental wellbeing, being careful not to overwhelm either. We understand only too well that most often than not, weight issues stem from prolonged mental problems which can be worsened with unrealistic or unattainable expectations brought by most exercise routines.

Best Weight Loss Solution

Best Weight Loss Solution

3: Excellent for People with Injuries 

Swimming is a safe exercise option for people with:

  • Muscle or bone injury 

  • Arthritis 

  • Multiple sclerosis 

  • Other issues that affect high-impact exercises 

For all of the above-mentioned conditions, swimming either helps to minimize pain or improve the rate of recovery. According to a recent survey, people having osteoarthritis reported less physical limitations and significant reductions in joint stiffness and pain after swimming exercises. If you want to get ideas about Best Weight Loss Solution then this article is very helpful for you.

The gentle support that water offers to muscles will strengthen them and make the body more capable of enduring high-resistance and high-impact exercises. This said, having an injury or a condition that makes high-impact exercises pretty challenging must never be an excuse for not engaging in exercise. Swimming offers the best alternative for anyone with a condition that affects the bones and the muscles.

4: Ideal for Those with Disabilities

People with physical and mental disabilities have limited workout options. A recent survey revealed that such people are more susceptible to weight gain and related health problems because of their sedentary lifestyles. Swimming offers an ideal exercise option for people with disabilities as water provides the necessary support and resistance for the body’s muscles, making them stronger and more flexible. Best Weight Loss Solution for you if you are looking for.

For people with mental disabilities, swimming acts as a therapeutic means of gaining confidence and improving social skills.

5: Burns Major Calories

Best Weight Loss Solution

Best Weight Loss Solution

Swimming is an excellent way of burning calories. The amount burned is completely dependent on how vigorous you swim and your weight. A 160-pound person can burn an approximate 423 calories in an hour while swimming at a low or moderate pace. The same person can burn up to 715 calories per hour when swimming at a vigorous pace. A 240-pound person may burn between 632 and 1068 calories under low and high energy respectively. You can use a calorie calculator to measure the number of calories burnt in a swimming session. It’s important to note that weight loss is directly proportionate to the calories burned during activity. The more calories you burn, the more weight you will lose. Even at a low pace, calories can still be burned. You can, therefore, start small and make adjustments on the time and intensity of your swimming routine for better results. Read this article for Best Weight Loss Solution.

Best Weight Loss Solution

In the pursuit of a healthy and ideal body weight, people are constantly trying to find weight loss solutions that work for them. While many exercises can assist in weight loss, swimming comes with a range of benefits that supersedes all other exercises. The most unique thing about swimming is its universality. It doesn’t discriminate based on physical and mental disabilities or even fitness level. It instead allows you to go at your own pace and set higher and attainable goals until you achieve your ideal body. Unlike many other exercises, swimming comes with varied strokes which have an impact on almost all muscles of the body hence leading to a balanced weight-loss process. Whether you are an experienced swimmer with a high fitness level, an intermediate swimmer or a beginner with little or no experience, swimming offers the ultimate weight loss solution and cuts across people’s varied exercise needs. Once you make swimming a priority in your weight loss journey, you can be assured that the rewards will be nothing short of outstanding.

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