Health insurance is one of the basic amenities in today’s life. Unhealthy lifestyle is leading to create untimely diseases even among young generations. The life threatening rare diseases are becoming common and young people are most of their prey. As well as the cost of treating these ailments are at hikes that makes it difficult to cope with increasing medical treatment costs. So that makes insurance one of the basic needs which is mandatory in today’s time.


Health insurance companies lift all the cost of medical treatment by facilitating their consumers with the facility of cashless treatment in their entire range of hospitals. It helps in managing the expenses made by the consumers during the course of treatment and hospitalization. Sometimes in the case of  insurance the claims are made on the base of reimbursement  mainly when the treatment has been done in the hospital which is not under the coverage of the insurance company. 


While choosing the health insurance for your family it becomes mandatory to check all the options available in the form of family, individual or self-employed insurance. The  insurance companies of New York are the most highly rated insurance companies in the country. In New York there are a wide range of Health policies for people of all ages.  Any  insurance company you choose, you will get the best facility at the best rates. Here is the list of  insurance companies of New York. 

  1. Assurant Health Insurance: It’s headquarter is in Milwaukee. It has been offering insurance policies since 1982 and has now over more than 1 million customers. It aims to provide best health insurance plans with maximum coverage protection to their customers.  
  2. Atlantis New York  Insurance: This  insurance provider in New York provides high quality health plans with affordable expenses.
  3. MVP Health Care Insurance: MVP provides a wide range of  insurance plans. It has around 75,000 members with the support of around 1,700 employees. 
  4. Group Health Incorporated of New York  Insurance: Group Insurance company was established in 1937. It provides health coverage to around 2.1 million people and has established itself as pioneer in the field of health insurance provider. Its policies are affordable in nature.
  5. Oxford Health Plans: Oxford Insurance company is one of the largest  insurance companies of U.S having along 70 million customers along the nation. The members of Oxford Insurance Company have access to around 73,000 physicians and covers the network of around 200 hospitals.
  6. Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield: Empire BCBS is a non-profit insurance company which provides a wide range of health policies along with superior customer service.  
  7. Univera Healthcare
  8. Healthplex Insurance Company
  9. Solstice Insurance Company
  10. Independent Health
  11. EmblemHealth
  12. Capital District Physician Health Plan
  13. Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
  14. Fidelis Care
  15. Oscar 
  16. Healthfirst New York
  17. Univera Healthcare
  18. Health Now dba BlueShield of NorthEastern NY
  19. Health Now BlueCross BlueShield of NorthWestern, NY



Medicaid is a form of insurance in New York for individuals who cannot pay for insurance plan. Qualifying for Medicaid is primarily based on your income and household size. According to the state, the households with modified adjusted gross incomes under 138% of the federal poverty level are eligible for the Medicaid insurance policy.


 In this limit are slightly more for pregnant ladies and children. Children upto the age of 19 are eligible for a special kind of insurance policy if the household income is less than 154% of FPL. For pregnant ladies and infants upto 1 years of age are eligible if the household income is less than 223% of FPL.


 For applying in Medicaid you will be asked to select a health plan by any insurance carrier like Oxford or Univera HealthInsurance. Each Medicaid plan will come with a network of doctors and health care providers who will accept the insurance policy. Though the network of doctors can be different in the Medicaid plan on being compared with the different insurance plans of the same insurance company. If you prefer a certain Physician, make sure that he is covered under that policy. 

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